Adventure tour on a snowmobile

Troll peninsula and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world, endless mountain peaks of all types, the view is simply breathtaking in all directions.

Our shop

Tarzan Backcountry has also a shop where all our gear and accessories are for sale. We have a wide range of JETHWEAR gear and outdoor clothing.


We can offer our clients accommodation at Dalvík, Siglufjordur or Akureyri with breakfast lunch and dinner. We can also offer other activities as a visit to the beer spa, introduction to the microbrewery, whale watching, helicopter adventure, geothermal area at Myvatn.


A tailormade snowmobile ride is a great way to shake the friends or workgroup together.
Great Fun for all those who seek adventure and thrills.
No matter if your group have experience or not, we have adventures level for all kind of a group.


Tarzan Backcountry provides all safety gear and an expert tour guide.
Don’t worry about driving the snowmobiles, we introduce you to everything you need to know in a short workshop, it’s super easy and everybody can learn it within minutes! 
The safety gear we provide is a helmet, jethwear monosuits, gloves, footwear and avalanche cylinders.


Tarzan Backcountry has a wide range of clothing and a gear for outdoor activity in its shop.
From underwear to softshell monosuits and all the accessories as a helmet, gloves, socks and more.

Our tour guides

Our tour guides have many years of experience snowmobiling all around Iceland, they all have experience in searching in an avalanche and first aid training. 
They have gone all over Troll peninsula and surrounding area and know that area as if they wear in their own backyard. 

Troll peninsula is one of a kind area in the world. Endless of a mountain peak and valley where you can drive from the top to bottom and way back up again. The view is breathtaking in all direction. 

Our expert staff are:

Árni F Árnason
Guide / Health instructor
Hildur Friðriksdóttir
Guide / Marketing

We have a wide range of tours for
all groups.


Beginners and those that have experience
or a pro.



We offer a tailormade tour for your group

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Planing Your Own Path Today!

Tarzan Guide ehf
Kt: 711017-2320
vsk: 129758

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